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Copywriter - Adam Dellavecchia 

Art Director - Erin Manale

Believe it or not, as a Junior and intern team, my partner Adam and I were within inches of selling a Super Bowl spot. We got through tons of internal reviews, the pitch to the CMO of Stellantis, and were 2 of 6 final rips shown to the CEO of Jeep for The Big Game. These are our two final rips.

Problem: How can we launch the Grand Wagoneer while embodying The American Dream? We need to invoke Wagoneer's uniquely American Heritage. Can we possibly use the stars of the Super Bowl Halftime show? Or Bruce Springsteen?

CCO: Tito Melega

Editors: Max Bohichik (Wagon), Jared Perkins (TNAD)

Agency: Doner

The Wagon

Grand Wagoneer embodies The American Dream… and so does The Wagon.

From the Old West, to 1963, to today's Grand Wagoneer, the wagon has been the vessel of achieving The American Dream, and it's only gotten grander.

The New American Dream

83% of Americans say that Good Family Life is essential to achieving The American Dream. In being crafted for fulfilling family-life, Grand Wagoneer embodies

'The New American Dream.'

Superbowl halftime show performer Kendrick Lamar's parents created memories with him, cultured him, and enriched him with experience. And now, with Grand Wagoneer, he's trying to do the same.

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