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super bowl social

A few social campaigns leading up to and following Cue Health's big reveal Super Bowl spot. We even got some voiceover help from Gal Gadot. 

My Role: Art Direction

Creative Team: my partner Adam Dellavecchia, as well as Yiling Cao, and Julie Berman

Creative Directors: Bryan HutsonNatalie Bierl

Agency: Doner

Pre-Game Phase

Pre-Game Phase

FRI 2.4_13604_Cue_SB_ph1Social_6feet_1080x1080_static.png
SAT 2.12_13604_Cue_SB_ph1Social_BigGameParty_1080x1080_static.png
MON 2.7_13604_Cue_SB_ph1Social_FacePaint_1080x1080_static.png
MON 2.7_13604_Cue_SB_ph1Social_ProtectGrandma_1080x1080_static.jpg
13604_Cue_SB_ph1Social_Allin_1200 x675_static.png

Post-Game Phase

Here is the Super Bowl commercial for context :) 


Problem: How can we keep the momentum going following our Big Game reveal?

Solution 1: We build on the Super Bowl spot and the idea that Cue is the newest member of your smart device family. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-05 at 7.54.44 PM.png

Solution 2: 


"Made Possible by Cue." Whether it's blind dates or spending time with grandparents, Cue's 99.7% accurate testing allows you to experience these moments

without worry. 

FRI 2.25_13604_Cue_SB_ph2Social_FirstDates_1080x1080_static.jpg
TUE 2.22_13604_Cue_SB_ph2Social_Traditions_1080x1080_static.jpg
DATE TBD_13604_Cue_SB_ph2Social_PubNight_1080x1080_static.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-03-05 at 7.38.58 PM.png
SUN 2.13_13604_Cue_SB_ph2Social_TouchdownDances_1080x1080_static (1).jpg
THU 2.24_13604_Cue_SB_ph2Social_RoadTrips_1080x1080_static.jpg
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