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Howdy! 🤠

I'm Erin Manale.


Aside from being the social media manager for my dog child, my full-time job is being an Art Director. I like it a lot!


Other things about me... I'm from Houston, Texas, but I live in Austin, Texas. (Hook 'em!) I like to pretend I can speak Italian and play the guitar.


I don't really love blueberry muffins that much but for some reason I've found a hobby in searching for the best blueberry muffins around town and ranking them on a letter scale. (The current record holder is Quack's bakery... but they better watch out because I'm always looking for new match-ups) 

I love all things art. Animation, illustration, sculpting, drawing, painting.... and don't think I forgot about directing. If you want to chat about any of the aforementioned or unmentioned, feel free to....

CURRENTLY an art director at Doner

CHECK OUT MY FULL RESUME for alll the deets

Art Director  - Doner: December 2021-present

Art Direction Intern - Doner: October 2021-December 2021

Art Direction Intern - Love Advertising: Summer 2020

University of Texas at Austin
B.S. Advertising, May 2021

Texas Creative Portfolio Sequence I-IV

Minor in Italian, Minor in Business

Silver Austin ADDY - Art Direction / 2021 

Silver Austin ADDY - Illustration / 2021

Bronze Austin ADDY - Art Direction / 2021
Bronze Austin ADDY - Integrated Brand Identity Campaign / 2021
David Roth Comedy in Advertising Award / 2020
2x featured on Clio’s Ads of the World

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