I bring
visions to life

There is a strange, zany, sometimes slightly concerning mystical creepy little world inside my brain that dances around in chaos. 

Some people like me are unlucky.... they have nowhere to put their wild thoughts and dreams! 

I, however, was fortunate. By stumbling into the Texas Creative portfolio sequence, I found hope. 


And after semesters and semesters of rigorous creative portfolio training in the #1 undergraduate advertising program in the whole wide world, I finally know how to twist and sculpt and form my thoughts into carefully crafted campaigns with consistent insights and entertaining premises. Now, my ponderings pour out of my head in droves onto sketchbooks and google docs. With a dash of luck and a great deal of magic (caffeination), every so often i create an award winning advertising campaign.


This makes the Giant, Corporate, Puppeteer of Capitalism in the sky a very happy entity. 


Oh - speaking of him - he said he’d love it if I could perform in the next show with you guys. 

erinmanale@utexas.edu // 713-922-4966

University of Texas at Austin
B.S. Advertising, May 2021

Texas Creative Sequence
Portfolio I, II, III, IV
Art Director Seminar
Digital Creative Portfolio


Art Direction Intern - Love Advertising Summer 2020

Silver Austin ADDY - Art Direction / 2021

Silver Austin ADDY - Illustration / 2021

Bronze Austin ADDY - Art Direction / 2021
Bronze Austin ADDY - Integrated Brand Identity Campaign / 2021
David Roth Comedy in Advertising Award / 2020
2x featured on Clio’s Ads of the World