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Treats of tribulation

Copywriter - Jacob Shipley

Art Director - Erin Manale

These doughnuts will ruin your life. From the moment you step through those hellish pink doors, nothing will ever be the same. You might start noticing particularly unsettling clouds following you around, you might wake up with
clown-sized feet, or your pet lizard Ralph might kidnap your dogs, forcing you to solve riddles in exchange for their freedom. 


But it’s all worth it for just one bite of a Voodoo Doughnut.

Bronze Austin ADDY - Integrated Brand Identity Campaign
Silver Austin ADDY - Art Direction

Silver Austin ADDY - Illustration

Silver Austin ADDY - Copywriting
David Roth Comedy in Advertising Award
Featured on Clio‘s Ads of the World


In cities with Voodoo Doughnut locations, such as Denver, Portland, Austin, and Los Angeles, strange murals will begin to appear.

In-Store Experience

Don't think you'll be escaping Voodoo Doughnut unscathed. Everywhere you turn is just another chance to get cursed.

Store Entrance

Tabletop Design

In-store posters, cups, & coasters

The Cursed Menu

Order the most unholy doughnuts from the menu to receive the cursed box.

Spin the wheel to decide your unique fate...


Thought you could avoid getting cursed by ordering from home? Think again.


Signed up as a normal Uber, The Cursed Cab will give passengers a choice: have a regular ride or enjoy a free doughnut and receive a curse.


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